Yu Yu Hakusho’s Justin Cook dinner On Why The Anime Sequence Quiet Resonates 30 Years Later

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Foreign career and obviously in the voice acting industry so um and especially when it comes to you Haka show and how popular that is amongst like the anime community so I wanted to ask you if you can walk me through what it was like when you first auditioned for a Yu Haku show at yusuke absolutely we were actually uh.

Auditioning you know actors for the whole show right and uh you know skating through trying to figure out who was going to be voicing who listening to all the different auditions really kind of had it figured out for most of the characters but yusuke was an absolute you know mystery we had we had no idea who was going to end up kind of doing.

This voice and we had some contenders and it was the producer at the time who asked if I would hop into the booth and give it a shot and so uh I did and then that kind of ousted me from the casting process right so so now I'm kind of out working on you know a different job or whatever it was uh you know responsibility I was I was.

Managing at that particular time waiting kind of for the answer to come back and it was towards the end of the day that the producer rolled back in and uh let me know that they had decided to go with me and so I kind of tried to act real nonchalant and cool and appreciate it and say thank you by the time I got home though I was running around the block.

Nearly three times I was so excited about this so it was just an absolute incredible opportunity to kind of I guess to some degree feel like it landed in my lap uh it was probably the next day that the stress of gee I hope it's good started to occur to me for sure for sure I think I think it's safe to say you nailed it hey I have my.

Ball please listen kid that's dangerous there are cars going by that will splatter you into the pavement one other thing I wanted to ask you uh when it came to your audition for um uh what did you do to try to sort of like bring uh your performance as you skate to the Forefront was there like any like.

Specific cues or anything that like kind of informed how you approached uh performing the character I had to watch the whole series uh ahead of time right to associate myself with the show to you know be able to have you know intellect in regards to Casting it knowing you know who these characters were knowing who was gonna be coming in.

The show uh I'd say the biggest mystery that revealed itself from having watched it beforehand was discovering that in episode 111 it's revealed that the narrator for the entire series is actually a character that has also been throughout the entire Series so that was that was good to to have learned otherwise that could have been a you.

Know a mistake not even the supposedly wise coenma could know that I won't give you the narrator job if you annoy me I think it was watching everything and I kind of had started figuring out this character of UK you know what what made him tick what were his motivations you know the the way that he monitored and maintained his.

Relationships with different individuals um and so you know kind of getting my head around it from the perspective of voice directing it I think probably had a great deal to do with at least how my approach to the character in the audition most likely came up outside of that it was just using the animation to kind of Lead Me Guide me to uh you know.

To the way use K is the famous spirit gun that was a warning shot for the human inside you next time I won't miss anime communities have had a lot of protagonists come and go over the years but yusuke kind of Still Remains a household name among fans who kind of grew up with the Toonami stuff like even those like fan created stuff.

Like RDC world who will like make um yusuke as like their main guy and part of like um the crew when there's like Ichigo or there's like Luffy or there's like Goku and stuff so Goku is always starting like I really think he has a problem he always trying to fight like we know you're the strongest in anime house so.

What I want to ask you why do you think you hakusho's popularity is to remained so steadfast over the last 30 years it's just a unique Show You Know It uh it didn't over tell its story right it was 112 episodes and then out right uh so they you know no no fight tended to rock you know go on for Eight Episodes or something to that effect.

Beast than a heartless monster so it just it felt to me like it was a fast-moving story and the characters are so relatable really all of them you know um and I think there's just a there's an there is a very identifiable level of humanity with that show and ultimately it's its message and I think that.

I think that made it into the hearts of people you know and so you Hakusho also as you um know is going to be getting its own live adaptation uh treatment with Netflix so I wanted to ask you are you planning on watching it at all absolutely absolutely I'm so excited that you know again you know something like you Hawker show has kind of struck.

A chord in the hearts of the fans that are out there that that they that they want this I think that's great last but not least I wanted to ask you uh what's your favorite line or scene from the show that um has kind of like been the most fun for you to like reminisce about acting about Ah that's so tough for me right because like each scene each.

Moment each you know each character really I mean I loved working on this show right it meant so much to me at the time of being able to work on it and then just being able to have been a part of it right uh so it's hard for me to kind of pick I like this you know to cherry pick the character or a scene I like this better than that.

Um I could certainly though uh revised some pretty fun stories uh let's see the tagoro fight we used to record in rather small recording booths called whisper rooms and they're usually foam covered on the inside and whatnot by the time I finish those three episodes uh my Knuckles had become so raw from having punched the inside of the booth.

So many times uh just because of the level of energy and intensity of which we we were trying to you know bring to that show so that was pretty entertaining a pretty a pretty you know youthful way to approach anything I certainly wouldn't ask anyone to do that at all these days so so I think that's probably one of the things that yuyaka.

Show had going forward as well was you know it had a lot of people who felt like we were trying to prove that we could do good dubs that we could make a program it didn't have to just be Dragon Ball Z and uh yeah and youth a lot of energy let's see who can take a bigger ass kicking.

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  1. This point to will consistently mean loads to me, and to test how down to earth and privy to how the point to has maintained its quality previous the fights and the humor makes me admire Justin the total extra.Can't wait to hear the crew together one last time when the OVA dubs tumble!

  2. Saidly, we by no methodology obtained a dub here in germany. πŸ™ˆ Attributable to of that I by no methodology watched this point to as a kid. But by no methodology the less I adore this point to/manga to same lengthen I adore Hunter x Hunter.

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