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Zom 100 bucket list of the dead episode 5is delayed So hey guys welcome back to AnimeAvidWithout wasting any time lets hop right into the videoAs you already know that in past Zom 100's episode 4 was delayed from July 30 to July31 due to some production issues And for the same reason i.e. Production issues episode 5 is also delayedIt was scheduled for August 6th but Now its release date hs been changedAnd it is scheduled for August 13 One filler special episode will air on August6 whose title is 100 thinks you need to know to survive a zombie apocalypseNow for those who don't know about the anime.

It's an amazing story about an office workerby name of Akira who works for an exploitive company and spends a trash life in a trashapartment Now one day he wakes up to find out that thewhole world has turned into zombie But instead of having a trauma, he feels morealive than before He is happy because he don't have to workanymore and he prepares a list of 100 things that he want to doTo sum up in one sentence this is the best new anime of this seasonWell this is it for todays video

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