Zom 100 Episode 8 DELAYED | Zom 100 Episode 7, 8 & 9 RELEASE DATE | Hindi

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Seriously at this point of time this has becomea cliché but any ways I have to say that zom 100's old episode was not even airedand one more episode got delayed and in future new episodes might be delayed as welllets just take a look at the release date of airing of episodes of zom 100 which wasannounced This announcement was made from studio andAccording to this episode 6 will air on its new schedule date Aug 27Then episode 7 without any delay will air In next week on September 3And now episode 8 got delayed by 1 week due to production issues and on September 10 insteadof episode 8 another filler episode covering past events will airThen episode 8 will air on September 17.

Followed by episode 9 without any delay onSeptember 24 Now episodes after this that are episode 10to 12 have no announcement on their respective release dates and release date of these episodesis uncertain due to production delays Well I think someone jinxed this anime eventhough this always stays on top 3 airing yet it's episodes still getting delayed one byone and I think this was fourth of fifth delay Well as soon as any news will come on releasedate or delays on these episodes, I will cover itSo like the video Subscribe to our channel

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