Zombie in Europe. Countryballs. Episodes 1. Season 2

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ATAAAAAACK!!! viva la France I think were reckless when weevacuated all our citizens from china. I completely agree with you on thisone. But we now we won’t be so stupid! Look, I’ve got a plan on saving Paris. As we all now, the contaminationstarted in Charles De Gaulle airport. The Police fortifications could not hold back zombies long enough and were overrun quickly. Thanks to our front military units holding key points, we were ableto distract the Horde and win some .

Time to build stronger fortificationsin central part of the city! In order to control crowds of zombies, we can lurethem in narrow streets, builds some traps or obstacles and then burn them with napalm! Ohohohoh Monsieur. I believe Americans would love that idea. Ahem. We created an artillery outpost in Gennevilliers area (Жинвивьё).They do great job at holding back the Horde and protectingour frontlines. Plus the river Seine is a perfect obstacle for zombies!Person on the Left: But won't the zombies be able to walk along the bottom of the river like in Italy? Person on the Right: I anticipated yourquestion, sir! That's why we mined the river..

Person on the Left: Excellent plan,colleague. As reliable as a Swiss watch! A reliable plan, huh?Like a Swiss watch, but in reality,Ahem, a Chinese imitation. Give me some shells . But sir, there is nothing left. Indeed, it's empty. Hey, soldiers! Do you want totaste these French bread rolls? What bread rolls?! We havenothing to shoot with! Oh…I have some bread rolls specially for you!.

Baguettes again?!Load it into the cannon! Fine… You got any more of it? Zombies are already in Gennevilliers.They are using sewers! You hearme! The are in the sewers! Thanks! While French army was desperatelydefending Paris, allied forces usedrastic measures. Germany, allied with Luxemburg and Poland arrived at Frenchand Belgium borders using German vehicles. Luxenburd was relying on Germany’s swift attack onzombie horde, just like they did in the past..

It was decided to destroy theEurotunnel connecting France and England in order to prevent contamination by land, British Albion has been turned into fortress. This Fortress became key center tofight and stop the zombie epidemic These are difficult times. Europe is on fire again The life we knew is lost. Ahem, in short. I'm sorry, Your Majesty, but we don't have time to rant.

And so, the briefing: The French are about to lose Paris. Zombies are too smart and organized. According to our recon there is an Alpha in thecity of Amiens. Speciel troopers will be sent airborne to disrupt and eliminate Alpha.This will disorganize the horde and then, we will surround the horde and crashthem into pieces with one swift strike! But who is brave enough tojump right into the hellfire!? WOW. its Andjobe team For just $2 a month, you can join this cool army I got some badasses just for this occasion! Theyare the bravest and best soldiers I’ve ever met!.

Excellent. Move out right now!

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