Zombie in The United States. Experiment. countryballs

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Andjobe presents Everything is as usual here) in the previous Area 51 We have made a prototype of the vaccine and are ready to test it right now good get started we just have a test subject.

*malicious laughter* NOW *snoring* Hey!, Wake up!… General is here! ohoh….General! So, who is your test subject? Yeah… some immigrant. We caught him on Mexican border. Turned out he was infected and we delivered him here.

Hmm Oh, this is the place. Please *mmm mmm… mmm…* *mmm mmm… mmm…* Doesn’t look like a zombie to me… oh Does he? One moment… What was that?!?! Well…Now he is definitely infected!.

: Erm….Don’t worry about that! Look, The most important thing is a vaccine and we are going to test it. mm…mmm..aaaa..mmmm.aa Shoot it! Holy !@#$%…. I think the vaccine doesn’t work and we need to get out of here! Thanks Cpt. Obvious! Come on! Eat me! Subscribe.

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