Zombies in Europe – Episodes 2. Season 2 ( Countryballs )

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So…. Uhm… Man, those maps are hard to navigate.Whatever! Okay Google, make a route to Amiens. Route created. 5 minutes until destination. Sweet! Ready in 5 minutes! Okay, gentlemen You were chosen because you’re thebest! That’s why you jump right into the hellfire! divide into groups, locate theAlpha and eliminate on site! Disoriented zombies won’t pose a threat, so you can safely use boats to get tothe English Channel along the Somme. The British Navy ship willpick you up once you arrive..

In order to make yourselves stealthier,please, put on these latex suits. What are you doing?Watching a YouTube Channel “Where is my money?” Never heard of it It’s a new channel explaining economics andfinances in a simple, understandable language, with sardonic humor in the spiritof South Park or Rick and Morty. Beautiful graphics and original content willsurely get your attention. Channel shows how economic theory and history relateto the practice of personal finances, it challenges common misconceptions,and brings original insights. So subscribe to “Where is my money”and improve your financial literacy!.

You have arrived at your destination! Green light, everybody! You – are the hope of Paris and all France. Breakthe enemy and return safe and sound! Godspeed! While Anjobe's elite troops landedin the city of Amiens to carry out sabotage in the rear of the zombies, theGerman army annexed the Maginot Line and deployed guns in the direction ofFrance to guard its border. Thus, it was possible to organize a solid lineof defense from Switzerland to Luxembourg. Belgium, under the command of Luxembourg, withthe support of the Netherlands and Germany, conducted an active offensive to drive the zombiesaway from nature reserves and dense forests,.

Thereby preventing the growth of the zombie horde. In Italy, the message from the quarantine zonehas stopped. French border guards began to notice small groups of zombies in the buffer zone.Austria also reports zombies near its borders. From that moment on, the north of Italyis considered lost. Due to supply problems and the risk of being surrounded, thetroops on the Arno River are forced to surrender their positions and retreat to thefortress of San Marino. San Marino and Rome, with the support of the Vatican, arestill on the defensive, but for how long? In Europe, Poland has becomea new hotbed of infection. There are reports of zombie attackseverywhere in the city of Gdansk..

The local government could not take actionquickly, and all 750.000 people living there joined the ranks of zombies. Gdyniabecame the next fallen city. In the west, the forest area has turned into a pasture forgrowing eggs and creating a new horde of zombies. Heavy weapons were sent from NATO militarybases to deter and eliminate the threat. At the request of Poland, the RussianBaltic Fleet began a massive artillery bombardment of coastal cities, which tosome extent helped to contain the infected. Unfortunately, in such a difficult situation,civilians are left to themselves, about which they have been notified through allpossible communication channels.

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