Zoro’s Family Printed!! ODA impartial Confirmed Zoro’s Family Tree! One Part

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One piece is author Hiro order finally answers one of the biggest questions concerning Zoro and his family which spawned countless theories in the SBS volume 105 of One Piece Hiro order takes the chance to clarify once and for all zoro's ancestry revealing that he is indeed a descendant of the shimotsuki clan from wanu shimotsuki kozaburo a.

Legendary swordsmith who forged Odin sword enma left the secluded land of wanu 55 years before the current events in the series with a group of 25 people among them were shimotsuki furiko the elder sister of shimotsuki ushimaru who would later become the damio of Ringo and die fighting kaido after his takeover of vanu after arriving in East.

Blue 10 people from kozaburo group settled there and founded shimotsuki village where furico married a fellow wanu native called RoR Noah pinzoro they gave birth to a son RoR Noah arashi who married a woman from East blue and became zoro's father ajiro order confirms that Zorro is a descendant of the shimotsuki clan from as we always.

Suspected that Zoro could have a connection to the land of Samurai and these suspicions grew even more after Yamato's flashback revealed the aspect of shimotsuki ushimaru who looks identical to Zorro another flashback then revealed that kozaburo lived in zoro's village and gave him his first swords unleashing all sorts of theories.

And speculations however Oda said that while there was definitively a story about zoro's past he was probably not going to address it in the manga in fact despite being one of the best arcs in one piece one who left us disappointed for not addressing the mystery of zoro's connection with ushimaru and his ancestor the legendary Samurai Huma.

Known as the god of the blade Zoro actually met Yuma or rather his corpse in thrillerbach where he had been reanimated by gecko moria's powers to serve as one of his zombie generals after being defeated by Zoro Yuma gave him his sword shisui which the straw had dutifully returned to Yuma's grave in wanu this revelation of zoro's family.

Tree makes the character even more interesting Zorro is not only the great nephew of oshimaru one of the last damio of wanu and a direct descendant of the legendary Yuma but he is also a distant relative of queena his childhood friend whose tragic death inspired him to become the strongest swordsman in the world however zoro's ancestry shows that.

Destiny is a powerful force in one piece it is understandable that aichiro order decided to leave zoro's family backstory out of the manga as one piece is currently in its final Saga and there is already a huge number of plot threads Mysteries to unravel and characters taking part in the action considering Zorro's personality and the fact that.

His parents died when he was young he must be completely unaware of his Heritage however Destiny is a powerful force in one piece and thus Zoro got the chance to meet his legendary ancestor and also free his country of origin from kaido's tyranny fulfilling his duty as a descendant of the shimotsuki clan and that is all for today I hope you all.

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